First-Class Approach From SERVI5

Proven security solution based on reliable and time-tested technology. Tailored to fit organizations of any size and niche and provides 99% protection against malicious actors.

Device protection

Secure all types of devices of your employes and customers

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Cloud Security

Protect business cloud systems, data, and distributed infrastructure

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SaaS Security

Data protection of on premises and cloud apps

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Remote workforce security

Protect your remote employees and secure remote access to business applications

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Threats Protection

Protection from internal and external attacks, hacks & data breach

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Corporate Espionage

Provides protection against corporate espionage and confidential data leaks

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Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

At SERVI5, we are dedicated to ensuring a secure internet experience for everyone, including individuals and businesses alike. Our. technology allows us to extend the capabilities of SERVI5 in various scenarios, such as:

Cyber bullying

Preventing cyber harassment and its impacts, the spread of false information and provocations, harmful content in the online space.

Cyber bodyguard

Eliminating the risks associated with information attacks, protecting mental health by filtering displayed content; protection of devices and IoT systems.

Online protection of kids

and adults. Protecting from information harmful to mental health and personal life, and reducing the risks and negative impact.


Preventing ransomware attacks before they can do any damage; monitoring, detecting and reacting to threats as they arise.


One Servi5 instead of a thousand technologies for cybersecurity

Say goodbye to the complexity of managing multiple technologies for cybersecurity. With SERVI5, you can rely on a single, all-encompassing solution to safeguard your business from 99% of emerging threats.


Quick and Easy Installation Process

One solution and only 5 steps. Experience the convenience of a simple setup, allowing you to focus on maximizing the benefits of our services.

Select your package

Choose your pricing plan depending on the number of users and the size of your organization, as well as personalize additional options.

Enter your business details

Enter the basic business data required to make payments in the future.

Choose settings

Fill in the technical specifications and integration details required for the initial setup of the service.

Choose policies

Servi5 allows you to customize policies and rules for different business units of your organization.


Set personal preferences for analytics and reports, as well as the frequency of notifications.


Great job. Now your business is guarded from 99% of attacks on the cyber threat landscape.

Benefits for business and organizations

Our Servi5 solution is strategically crafted to swiftly and seamlessly resolve business problems, without imposing additional burdens on your operational and business processes.

  • Initial installation in 1 hour
  • No additional equipment required
  • No additional technical specialists required
  • Self installation or installation through partners
  • Flexible subscription payment system and its renewal
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Servi5 is suitable for such industries

We offer a consolidated cybersecurity solution, replacing the need for multiple technologies. Our services are suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors, including:

Educational institutions

Schools, universities, colleges, educational centers and centers of excellence

Medical institutions

Private and municipal hospitals, hospices, health care facilities, rehabilitation centers

Transport companies

For companies in the field of air, rail, bus transportation, water transport

Smart city and municipality

Public Wi-Fi, public transport stops, urban infrastructure, parks, recreation areas

State & governmental structures

Public service places, protection of the internal infrastructure of organizations

Hotels & resorts

Hotels, inns, health centers, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers

Small and medium businesses

Solution of internal infrastructure and external components

Enterprise companies

Internal infrastructure security, external access points, hybrid offices work models

Media & entertainment

Online media publications, entertainment platforms, metaverses

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Our goal is to grow and develop a culture of cybersecurity together with partners and provide customers with the best cybersecurity services.